Monday, May 31, 2010

The HP Mini 5102 Touchscreen Netbook

Hi ,
New HP Mini 5102 Touchscreen Netbook offer by HP..
jom cepat2 grab while tgh ada offer ni,
to view please visit

Use the promo code "YS" and get RM50 off the hottest HP Mini 5102, a lightweight mini executive that’s packed with the latest multi-touch touchscreen and touchpad technology. RM50 off if you buy before 2nd June!

And have you seen the RED color? You can only get it via this online store! Have a look...


  1. brpa rm ni we????? hmm.. tak dak duit ler.. awak bersalin bila ni?? dah tgk anak noni?? kta dah gi tgk dah hari tu.. tsaqif nama dia..

  2. su: kita x g tgk lg, ingat weekend ni balik kluang nak g tgk...kita bersalin insyaAllah due 12/9 nnti, berdebar2 gak ni..heheh